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DICE: There's "no profit" made from rented BFBC2 servers


DICE has explained that it does not receive a profit from the rental servers players of Bad Company 2 will have to use to the play the game.

When shipped, the game will be missing files that players would use to build dedicated servers. Instead, the community will need to rent one from a list of "authorized hosts" present in "all regions of the world".

BFBC2 producer, Gordon Van Dyke, told Eurogamer that this is to "protect the game's integrity on PC".

"This does not earn DICE a profit," he said. "But we will see where the game goes and support it post launch."

Previous entries into the Battlefield franchise allowed dedicated servers built and hosted by community members.

Back in November, DICE was quick to point out that it would have dedicated servers for its game, when Infinity Ward rival, Modern Warfare 2 was revealed to use IWnet for online play.

The public PC Beta for BFBC2 opens January 28 and runs through February 25.

Game's out March 5.

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