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DICE: Don't worry about Battlefield 3 on console

Battlefield 3 executive producer Patrick Bach has told VG247 that, while the shooter's PC version is graphically "better" than its console siblings, gamers should stop worrying about the console editions.

Bach was responding to a question about whether or not the 360 version will be playable at the upcoming Eurogamer Expo.

While Bach wasn't sure which version would be shown, he stressed that there's nothing to fret about in terms of the TV SKUs.

"We are showing more and more console, and the reason for that is that we want to show people that there is a console version," he said.

"We have shown it on several occasions and people seem to be happy with it. Of course, the super-high-end PC version is better when considering the detail of the visuals, which is kind of what we were striving for: adding that height to the high-end PC.

"We want to show off the console version, and people shouldn't be too worried about it. We are shipping it on console."

We were given hands-on time with the PS3 version in Sweden today, playing the co-op mission shown at gamescom earlier this month.

Bach added that the game's beta will happen "soon," and will definitely take place "before the game ships," with a fellow DICE staffer pointing out it has previously been announced for September.

Eurogamer Expo takes place in London on September 22-25, and Battlefield 3 is expected to be the most prominent game of the entire event.

Battlefield 3 is due on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in late October.

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