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Diablo 4 Treasure Goblins are extra valuable and might save you from entering the real-money store

Folks, let's just agree that you should never let a Treasure Goblin go in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 concept art by Blizzard's Jairo Sanchez
Image credit: Blizzard/Jairo Sanchez

Diablo 4 is pretty much an MMO. You run into other players randomly as you roam its open world, some quests are basically 'kill ten of that thing', there are dedicated PvP zones etc. But perhaps its most MMO-like quality is that it really wants you to show off your cool gear to other players.

This has always sort of been a thing in Diablo. This time, however, there's a lot of money to be made from real-money store transactions.

Diablo 4: Big world, many encounters with Treasure Goblins.Watch on YouTube

While there's clearly a much greater emphasis on cosmetics in Diablo 4, what with all the different areas you can customise your character that didn't previously exist, it's worth noting that you can get some cosmetic drops just by playing the game.

Once you get into the endgame of Diablo 4, Helltide Events will become an important part of your gear grind. They also have a chance to drop cosmetics upon completion. As a pinnacle endgame activity, it makes sense for it have a chance to drop cosmetics.

What you may not know, however, is that Treasure Goblins can also drop cosmetics. Treasure Goblins are Diablo mainstays. You'll know when they're nearby, thanks to their distinct cackle, and you'll see an unmistakeable icon for them on your minimap.

Treasure Goblins are not easy to kill, and will never stop running away from you the second they spot you. They're known to regularly get you to run into enemy mobs as you chase them, but they're always worth the risk. Treasure Goblins, as the name suggests, carry a sack of loot and gold, so killing them is a sure-fire way of getting some sweet drops.

Diablo 4 concept art by Blizzard's Jairo Sanchez
Diablo 4's darker take on the classic enemy. | Image credit: Blizzard/Jairo Sanchez

In Diablo 4, those sweet drops can also include cosmetics. So far, player report only getting mounts, and mount-related cosmetics such as Armor, and Trophies. There are several Reddit threads of pleasantly surprised players.

I myself have only received a neat horse from a Treasure Goblin, but I do hope the loot pool is not just limited to mounts.

Strangely enough, cosmetic have a white label when they drop. So if you make it a habit of skipping white items for the more rare loot, you may actually miss out on some cosmetic drops. We recommend changing the behaviour of Alt (item show) so you never miss anything. For more helpful tips, our mega Diablo 4 guide has many of them.

Header image by Blizzard senior artist Jairo Sanchez.

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