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This may be the funniest instance of Diablo 4's infamous server rubber banding

This Diablo 4 server problem has no doubt aggravated many of us, so it's only fair that we can laugh at.

Outside of sudden server disconnects (which thankfully aren't that common), Diablo 4's other infamous, and incredibly annoying, server-related problem is the rubber banding that sometimes happens when you transition between two zones.

That one is actually fairly common, but the worst part about it is that it could happen anywhere the game defines as a "new zone," so you never expect it and you suddenly find yourself moving through infinite molasses.

Big open world = so many instances of rubber banding, apparently.Watch on YouTube

When this happens in Diablo 4, the only fix is to fast travel to any nearby town, which forces things to reload. That may not always be possible, however, particularly if you're character is locked into an animation.

Even if you can mostly just travel back to a nearby town for things to start working again, that could still send you on a long walk back to where you were - especially if you've yet to unlock the horse.

The Diablo community has been making fun of this issue with the help of all kinds of memes, but perhaps the funniest instance I've seen of this happening is this one. Reddit user Interesting_Ease755, who was unlucky enough for it to kick in while they were traversing a gap on a rope, posted this video.

Traveling through space and time
by u/Interesting_Ease755 in diablo4

"This went on for a very long time," wrote the player, which somehow makes it funnier, particularly seeing as the video ends while the characters are still moving down that invisible rope, presumably on their way to Diablo 5.

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