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Wait, Diablo 4 has a post-credit scene?

Did you know that Diablo 4 has a post-credit scene? Well, it does - sort of.

Although the majority of Diablo 4 players have yet to finish the campaign and roll credits, those who did may not not realise that they're missing a small piece of the story. The game's lengthy credits hide a very brief post-credit scene.

The kicker is, not everyone is getting it. Even those of us who sat (for fast-forwarded) through them still aren't quite sure what triggers it. Some suggest it has something to do with the difficulty, while others say it only shows up on playthroughs beyond the first.

So what's the deal? Cinematic character and creature artist at Blizzard, Jamir Blanco, took to Twitter to confirm that Diablo 4 does indeed have a post-credit scene, and that players are starting to see it organically.

As reported by GamesRadar, this isn't actually a major, Marvel-style stinger. It's more of a tease, and even then, it's so brief that no one really knows what it's actually teasing. As you can see in the video (via AnActualSadTaco), a demon shows up briefly, with the image pulsating.

Only the demon's face is visible, and it's set against a hellish red background. So which demon is it? That's the thing, it's not actually clear enough to speculate. Assuming the stinger is teasing the narrative of Diablo 4's first post-launch season, it will likely follow the events of the campaign.

The Diablo 4 post-credit scene.Watch on YouTube

The demo in the scene resembles Diablo, but that could just be obfuscation, so it's hard to say. Diablo doesn't necessarily have a reason to return, but Blizzard could still make up a contrivance to bring it back.

The first season is supposed to start sometime in mid-to-late July, so I imagine Blizzard will start teasing it properly towards the beginning of the month, and things may start to make sense then.

More interesting revelations like this can be found in our Diablo 4 hub, which is updated daily with all kinds of nuggets from the community.

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