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Destiny: yes, you can kill all the Gorgons in the Vault of Glass

Well, maybe you can't. But these cats can.


Destiny players have done something previously believed to be impossible: destroyed every Gorgon in the Vault of Glass.

For the uninitiated, Gorgons are a special kind of Harpy that appears only within one section Vault of Glass, the first raid. Players are supposed to sneak past them, because being spotted results in a wipe unless you can take the alerted Gorgon down. To make it worse, every Gorgon you kill makes the next one much, much harder to beat, and the Gorgons respawn every 30 seconds.

A fireteam of /r/raidsecrets members managed to pull it off, but it wasn't easy; they each had to be able to kill a Gorgon on their own, and had to take advantage of quirks in the Gorgon's immunity shield system, killing them all in a specific order, multiple times, to achieve it.

Here's one of a couple of videos showing off the attempt:

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It's an impressive feat indeed, although it's disappointing to learn that there was no reward or even acknowledgement in-game. Dang. Running Vault of Glass last week, I commented to my team mates that "I bet if you kill all the Gorgons ... absolutely nothing happens". And I was right.

Thanks, Kotaku.

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