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This "Things Only Year One Guardians Will Remember" Destiny list is kind of depressing

Destiny Year One is drawing to a close, leaving us with a string of happy memories. Sort of.


Destiny Year One ends in September after what I'm fairly comfortable calling 12 months of beta testing. To reward the faithful, Bungie came up with a scheme whereby players who have completed a series of challenges would score an emblem - even if they're quite new players, and excluding those who have played all year but not quite made it.

But that's okay, right? Because veteran Guardians have one very special thing Kinderguardians will never understand: their memories.

YouTuber badasssingapore has put together a video listing some memorable aspects of Destiny Year One. (The video is described as a "community creation", because the footage shown was captured and uploaded by other creators, who haven't been credited.) Let's take a look:

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So what we've got here is:

  1. The time Guardians thought it was more fun to stand in one spot shooting than play the game
  2. The Cryptarch being a shithead
  3. Missing out on the Gjallarhorn
  4. A balance problem
  5. Another balance problem
  6. A Raid cheese
  7. RNG issues
  8. A third balance problem
  9. Another Raid cheese
  10. A third Raid cheese
  11. An economy problem
  12. An exploit players discovered to address the economy problem
  13. DLC content popping up before DLC launched
  14. Yet another balance problem

Does anyone else find this selection kind of depressing? Don't get me wrong, I've really loved Destiny over the past year and it has been a lot of fun watching it evolve. I definitely agree that Kinderguardians won't ever experience the game quite the same way we veterans do, after everything we've seen and done.

But these particular choices - gosh, really? Bugs, balance issues, the horrors of RNG, and cheeses make up most of our fondest memories? Really?

I think we can come up with some better examples than these. All my best memories of Destiny Year One relate either to my pleasure in exploring the setting and putting together the lore, or to playing with other people. But how about the first time you ran a Raid? How about running the Raids before every mechanism was so thoroughly explored that everyone always knew what to do?

What about diving down into the Hive fortress on the Moon for the first time? Sparrow surfing? Jumping the Hellmouth? Finding the Ghosts and Chests without maps and checklists? Running the first strike during the Alpha and working out how to take down the tank?

What about when the Blades of Crota popped up in-game? Figuring out the esoteric Light levelling system? Being surprised by new events? Hitting the level cap - and hitting it again, and again? Getting an incredibly lucky Cryptarch roll or end of game reward and screaming into the mic?

I don't know; everyone's different I guess. But I would not have put the Loot Cave top of my personal list. How about you?

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