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Destiny weekly reset for February 14 – Nightfall, Crucible, raid challenge changes detailed

The most relevant changes hitting Destiny today with the reset.

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The weekly Destiny reset, the time otherwise known as the start of the week for the Destiny faithful, has arrived once again. As ever, expect a new Nightfall strike, changes to Prison of Elders and other randomised activities, a new raid challenge, and more.

See the biggest changes below:

Weekly Nightfall

Shield Brothers is your Nightfall this week, with modifiers Small Arms, Fresh Troops, Match Game, and Airborne.

Small Arms grants bonus damage when using primary weapons. Fresh Troops increases the number of enemies in some squads. Match Game requires that you use the correct elemental damage to take down enemy shields. Airborne increases the damage you deal while in the air.

Heroic playlist modifiers

Solar Burn, Specialist, Exposure.

Crucible playlists

Combined Arms.

Wrath of the Machine raid challenge

Aksis is back as the host of this week's challenge in the Wrath of the Machine raid. Our simple and detailed guide will get you ready for the fight.

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