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Destiny: Should you buy SUROS Regime?

Xur's visit to The Tower this week has brought with it an auto rifle that comes highly recommended - but why?

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The hooded creepy dude is back in Destiny, and this week he's only gone and brought SUROS Regime with him. Is it worth buying, and why?

To put it simply: yes. Buy it if you have enough Strange Coins. If you don't, go out and earn some more.

"It's one of the best Auto Rifles in the game, and some people actually prefer to use it un-upgraded in regular Crucible simply for the fire rate," says Alex from Arekkz Gaming. "However, in Iron Banner upgraded it's also a particular favourite simply for the impact.

"Beyond that, it is also useful if you don't have Red Death in Crota's End Raid because it has a chance to heal you."

Got damn! Get that!

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