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Destiny: Age of Triumph - how to get the new and improved Necrochasm

Destiny: Rise of Iron players can dive into Age of Triumph and revisit an old favourite, the Necrochasm.

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Destiny brings back Necrochasm, a beloved weapon of yesteryear, with the Age of Triumph event available to Rise of Iron players right now.

Necrochasm is an Exotic auto rifle originally found in The Dark Below, Destiny's first DLC. As well as being the first delightfully creepy Hive weapon and a pretty decent boomstick, it obtained near mythological status because of how difficult it could be to get.

To obtain Necrochasm in the old days, Destiny players had to pray to RNGesus for the rubbish weapon Husk of the Pit to drop from Blades of Crota, a rare enemy found in events or one mission. They then had to upgrade it fully to Eidolon Ally, then pray to RNGesus again for a Crux of Crota - an item that could only drop in the Crota's End raid.

"Surely the Age of Triumph version of Necrochasm is easier than that," you may interject. Luckily: yes, but you still need to obtain a Husk of the Pit drop to kick things off. Following the Age of Triumph update, Husk of the Pit may drop as a Nightfall reward, as a random drop in high level story missions, or as a drop from Ogre enemies anywhere. Farm high level strikes and story playlists against Hive for a good chance to obtain Husk of the Pit.

To upgrade Husk of the Pit to Eidolon Ally, you need to murder Thralls. In the video above. Arekkz suggests using the missions The Dark Below on the Moon, at the infamous "We've woken the Hive" scene, but my own preference is Siege of the Warmind, an Earth mission, which has a similar Thrall rush. Both missions allow you to go to orbit and return to repeat your Thrall murder spree once the enemies run out, as long as you don't advance far enough to trigger the checkpoint. When you have killed enough Thrall, you can activate the Cannibalism node on Husk of the Pit.

With this done, visit the Speaker to upgrade Husk of the Pit to Eidolon Ally and receive some Motes of Light - hold on to them. Visit Eris for the next quest step: cleansing Eidolon Ally so it can be turned into necrochasm. To do this you'll need to defeat the first stage of the Crota's End raid, and then the final boss of Crota's End, which is of course Crota himself. Finally, you need to take down Omnigul in the Will of Crota strike.

With that done, upgrade your Eidolon Ally to full XP (those Motes of Light come in handy here) and return to Eris for the Essence of the Oversoul, the item you need to upgrade Eidolon Ally to Necrochasm.

Finally, these rare beast is yours - and RNGesus was only marginally involved. That's as much as we can hope for from Destiny, isn't it?

Here's that info again, in bullet point form:

  • Farm high level strikes and story missions for Husk of the Pit drop
  • Fully upgrade Husk of the Pit by killing Thrall
  • Vistt the Speaker
  • Visit Eris
  • Cleanse Eidolon Ally:
    • Complete the first stage of Crota's End
    • Kill Crota in Crota's End
    • Kill Ominigul in The Will of Crota
  • Fully upgrade Eidolon Ally to final node
  • Visit Eris for Essence of the Oversoul
  • Use Essence of the Oversoul to upgrade final Eidolon Ally node

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