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Destiny fans will receive a "Legendary" surprise this week

Destiny players will receive a present from Bungie this week.


Destiny developer Bungie has said it will deliver a little present to Guardians via the in-game post office this week.

The capitalised "Legendary" certainly suggests it'll be a pretty decent item, but describing it as "small" makes me feel it'll be a vanity item of some kind rather than a weapon or piece of armour.

Bungie has resisted questions about the present, but did say it's not an engram - so don't worry, you won't see it decrypt into a Rare item.

I don't know how to interpret that comment about dismantling - does that mean it'll be something worhtless, or something that breaks down into upgrade materials? I'm just gonna believe it's a Ghost, Sparrow or ship, to avoid disappointment.

As for why we're getting a gift, it's a holiday presetn - delayed a week or two thanks to the PSN's downtime over the break.

Thanks, IGN.

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