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There's a new official Best Farming Spot in Destiny

Destiny farming for Legendary drops just got easier.


Destiny players have discovered a quirk of an endless spawn that adds up to endless loot - and it's accessible as soon as you have access to the whole Cosmodrome map via the Patrol mission.

What you need to do is head out to Skywatch - the area with the helicopters, past the building where you first fight a wizard during the story missions. This location has an endless battle between Fallen and Hive.

You're looking for a cave where the Hive's forces spawn; you'll probably find it pretty easily because there will be players gathered around it, exploiting the farm.

All you need to do is stand back a bit so that the spawns aren't restricted by your presence, and slaughter the Hive Thralls and Acolytes as they appear. Do this till you get bored - remember, some of your ammo will regenerate if you wait around for a bit - then run in and collect the loot.

Our EIC has been taking advantage this weekend and managed to net himself a legendary special weapon as a result:

Don't expect Bungie to leave this spot open much longer; it's just too, too lucrative, and would be quite easy to fix with a tweak to spawn rates.

If you'd like to take advantage, do check out this excellent etiquette guide by Redditor Drogalov. Remember, drops are tied to your character, so nobody else can "steal" them.

Featured image via Kotaku.

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