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The latest Destiny craze is jumping the Hellmouth

Destiny fans have issued a challenge of dexterity and skill, which is probably impossible for our Titan friends.


Yesterday Destiny fans got caught up in a new craze - jumping the Hellmouth.

So many players have flocked to give it a go that the Moon is a constant stream of downed Guardians, and the Destiny subreddit now describes its active viewers as Guardians trying to jump the Hellmouth.

Redditor ForeverLoading seems to have been the first to manage the feat, using a Sparrow to launch themselves across before bladedancing the rest of the way.

Later, Simonodon19 proved the Sparrow isn't necessary.

Both of these successful leaps leverage the Bladedancer's super, which pretty much allows you to fly. Not every Hunter remembers to switch subclass before giving it a go. Poor Vincentnightray.

Still, Hunters have it easier than Titans, as AK-Villager and link_dead demonstrate.

Here's Rozkol chickening out.

I'm yet to see a Warlock give it a go - anybody got any links?

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