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Destiny is testing new Crucible matchmaking system for a limited time

Bungie has rolled out a new Crucible matchmaking system today to see if it improves your wait times.


Destiny is testing new Crucible matchmaking system for a limited time

Matchmaking is crucial for most online multiplayer games. When executed well, it balances teams to ensure matches can be fun, challenging, and engaging. But when they go wrong, they cause a chain reaction of game-breaking problems. So it's always important to continue tweaking your matchmaking, and Destiny is no exception. That's why Bungie is rolling out a limited-time matchmaking system test to confirm whether its improvements work, or if it needs to head back to the drawing board.

"When the new settings are applied, players at the extreme ends of the skill curve (you probably know who you are) should see shorter Matchmaking times," senior designer Derek Carroll explained. "Connection quality is still the primary search criteria. The changes we’re implementing will make playlists more responsive to the overall composition of the player population. As Matchmaking times shorten, you may encounter players across a wider range of skill."

The new matchmaking system applies to Control mode, and will be announced on Destiny's Twitter feed sometime today. It will also have an extremely limited duration, which depends entirely on the kind of data Bungie receives. So if you'd like to see whether your Crucible teams will become more balanced, now is the time.

Update: Bungie announced the new settings were live and then almost immediately cancelled them due to issues found during testing. Expect the test to be rescheduled once these are ironed out.

Update 2: Testing resumed the following day.

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