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Destiny AI hates dancing, apparently

Destiny players risk the wrath of some of the game's nastiest enemies if they persist in their irresponsible dancing.


In Crota's End, as in several Hive-related areas of Destiny, players face Hallowed Knights - big, tough Majors with powerful weapons, usually more than capable of one-hit killing you.

The video below, courtesy of calidoc, shows a raid team facing one such Knight. For once, it doesn't seem interested in smashing the whole party. It charges in, dispatches one unlucky Guardian, ignores at least two other players - and just buggers right off.

I'm sure there's an explanation for this quirk of the AI, but I prefer the obvious one: the Knight was infuriated by emotes. Let this be a lesson to us all: if you are bored while waiting for your teammates, try another activity, like pushing them off ledges*, instead of dancing. And definitely don't ever go AFK while dancing.

Y'all see that possible future Destiny content leak that popped up over the break? I sat down at my desk this morning after two weeks with no Internet and practically had an apoplexy of excitement.

*Don't do this. (I always do this.)

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