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In Dead Space, dismemberment will be more gruesome and Isaac will talk this time out

Dismembering Necromorphs will be more grisly in the remake.

During today’s Dead Space livestream, EA’s Motive Studio showed off really early footage of the game particularly the parts in which Isaac Clarke turns Necromorphs into limbless hunks of blood.

It was also confirmed that Clarke will speak in Dead Space instead of being silent like in the original. Motive said he will only speak when he is spoken to, and also only in situations where it makes sense.

His voice will be provided by Gunner Wright, who voiced Clarke in the later games,

In the stream, changes to how you take down enemies were also shown.

Taking limbs off enemies in Dead Space with the plasma cutter is nothing new, but there are other weapons to use, and this time out, the various weapons will affect the Necromorph in different ways depending on the weapon. Plus, you can expect more detail in the ways of dismemberment and according to the stream, you will know how much health the Necormorph will have left by the amount of meat left on its bones. Yikes.

Another change coming with the remake is improved zero-gravity and how you maintain control in those sections of the game, which could be a bit problematic at times with the original.

Previously, Motive said the remake will maintain similarities with the original, but it will also “do away” with dated ideas.

Of course, more information on the game is promised as development goes on, and since it is still in the early stages, it may be a while before we are given a concrete release window. Reports floating around seem to suggest a 2022 release, but that remains to be seen.

The Dead Space remake is being developed exclusively for next-generation consoles and PC, and promises updated and modern visuals, improved story, and audio, updated characters, gameplay mechanics, controls, and it is being developed using the Frostbite engine.

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