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Dark Souls anime reportedly in the works for Netflix

The dragons shall never be forgotten.

Dark Souls Remastered
Image credit: Bandai Namco/FromSoftware

It looks like Netflix has set its sights on an anime based on FromSoftware's rather popular title Dark Souls.

This is according to sources speaking with GiantFreakinRobot, which stated as much, but didn't provide additional information.

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If the sources are correct, Netflix working on a Dark Souls anime series would be another feather in the streaming service's cap when it comes to video game adaptations.

It already has the animated Castlevania series, The Witcher, Arcane (based on League of Legends), The Cuphead Show, Sonic Prime, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, and more.

And it has even more in the works.

There's both a live-action and an animated series in the works based on Assassin's Creed; a film based on The Division; animated series' for Splinter Cell, Tomb Raider, and Far Cry; a Bioshock film; the Beyond Good and Evil live-action film; Dragon's Lair which is to be a live-action affair; and there's also a Horizon Zero Dawn project in the works; and Dragon Age: Absolution - just to name a few.

Hollywood has always had a hit-or-miss relationship with video games (hellooooo Uwe Boll!); however, Netflix and HBO seem to do the medium justice - especially with critically and publically acclaimed shows like The Witcher and The Last of Us currently airing. And Amazon is getting in on the fun with its live-action series based on the Fallout games.

While additional information nor confirmation of the Dark Souls anime series was available as of press time, it wouldn't be too far of a stretch to believe a show based on the IP is in development. It's a hit property, very popular, and has plenty of potential for varied storylines.

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