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Dark Souls pixel art mod will have you picturing an alternate universe's 1990s

What could have been...

Image credit: thegreatgramcracker on Nexus Mods.

We might be decades on from pixel art being the dominant video game art style, but that won't stop some modders adding some of that flair into Dark Souls.

People love a demake. It's just incredibly fun to imagine a world where Bloodborne was a PS1 game (or another where it received a kart racer). While Dark Souls might not be getting a full on demake, modder thegreatgramcracker has recently shared their Pixel Souls Demastered mod, which certainly adds a good amount of crunch to the original Dark Souls' cold world (thanks, Eurogamer). "Experience Dark Souls like you never have before, with fresh visuals all throughout the game!" reads the mod's description.

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"This mod changes all textures, icons, fonts, and visual effects into pixel art based on the original game textures. Additionally, the music and sound effects have been reduced in quality. Even the enemy and player equipment models have reduced fidelity! This should give the game a fun, somewhat cursed, 'retro' feel." You can check a trailer out for the mod above, and it honestly looks really great - Dark Souls just has the perfect environment for some low-resolution vibes, honestly.

Dark Souls YouTuber Illusory Wall also features as a guest artist on the project, specifically their Firelink Shrine and Gwyn's Theme 8-bit remixes, which really adds to those retro vibes.

One thing that should be pointed out is that the mod is specifically only compatible with Dark Souls Remastered, not the Prepare To Die Edition version of the game, so apologies if you only have the latter.

Weirdly enough, recently in the world of the Dark Souls wiki page, users online began to notice strange faces photoshopped into images all throughout the wiki. Apparently some of them have been there since 2012, made by an anonymous user, so it's possible they'll remain a mystery forever.

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