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The Dark Souls wiki has a hidden face bandit who's casually been defacing bosses

Ever heard of the 2001 PC classic ‘The Mystery of the Druids’?

A boss in Dark Souls.
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So, it turns out that the Dark Souls wiki has quietly been the victim of some elite-tier trolling that’s only just being uncovered, with a sneaky Photoshopper having quietly added a bunch of hidden faces to its pictures of bosses.

No, we’re not kidding. As unearthed by YouTuber Illusory Wall and a redditor going by the handle Darkwraith_Attila, a bunch of the images featured on the pages of the Dark Souls wiki have somehow ended up harbouring the barely visible visage of a yelling man.

Prompted by the discovery of such a face calmly nestled in the left armpit of Gwyn, Lord of Cinder - because where else would it be - Illusory Wall has found that the final boss of the original Dark Souls definitely isn’t alone, as you can see in an incredible Twitter thread.

In addition to a previously discovered instance of it having been added to an image of Nito, it turns out that the same face also managed to pop up on the leg of the Asylum Demon, with Illusory Wall having combed through a bunch of other wiki entries in search of another instance of it. “I checked all the bosses, couldn't find any more,” they revealed, adding: “(I) didn't check all the regular enemies & NPCs, but checked a decent number and no luck there.”

Hilariously, they have managed to identify that the face being used in all of these instances is the same one and comes from the cover of ‘The Mystery of the Druids’, a 2001 PC point-and-click adventure game developed by defunct German studio House of Tales. Naturally, the face has its own Know Your Meme page, though said page doesn’t mention it having been used to troll the Dark Souls wiki.

If you’re wondering who was behind this spectacular gag, according to Illusory Wall, the answer looks to be that all of the faces were sneakily added to the wiki by the same anonymous user, possibly during a single legendary Photoshopping spree on December 4, 2012.

Hopefully this mysterious individual will see all of the mirth the discovery of their subtle bit of practical jokery has caused all these years later. Hang on… maybe they’re reading this right now…

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