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Cult of the Lamb pledges to embrace its smutty community with a suitably sultry new update

The joke takes a hard turn, as the game's Twitter account shoots past the required milestone.

After saucy fans of Cult of the Lamb had their hopes and dreams of a smutty update dashed by the game's community manager earlier this month, it looks like the spark of hope has been re-ignited for a sex update. That, or the game's social media manager is jumping in on the gag.

If this all sounds confusing to you, here's what's going on. Cult of the Lamb is due its final update soon: "Sins of the Flesh". Due to the name, some fans were worried and/or excited that the game would be getting some sausage time as a closing feature, bringing life to the "sex update" meme. This was later denied by the game's community manager, but by then news of the mystical sex update had hit the zeitgeist.

Fast forward to today, and a new post from the offficial Cult of the Lamb Twitter account has jumped in on the joke, offering to add sex to the game if the account passes 300,000 followers. It obviously soon shot past that milestone - rekindling hope for weird relgious animal shagging in everyone's immediate future.

This also caught the attention of other game developers out there, eager to jump in on the gag. This includes the team behind Palworld - the monster collecting 3rd person shooter - who set its own follower milestone tied to a sex update. That game is entirely filled with animals by the way. If you're a lost cause to your loved ones and society as a whole feel free to throw 'em a follow to if you want.

Joking aside, this is what we like to call some solid social-media based marketing, folks. Whether or not the team at Massive Monster actually go through with adding what the horny fans out there want, they've certainly made a lot of potential players pay attention to the current state of Cult of the Lamb. "Sex sells" is about as famous a business mantra as you can get. Just look at the excitement around Baldur's Gate 3's bear sex scene, or Ultrakills very own sex update.

I suppose this leads to the question: would a sex update push you to check out Cult of the Lamb? Or is this all a touch too silly for you? Let us know below whether this kind of hype around games flies right over your head or not. Who knows, maybe sex updates will be the next new marketing strat?

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