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Control has major performance problems on base PS4 and Xbox One - report

Control struggles to maintain its target framerate on base consoles.

Control is Remedy's best-looking game to date, with unmatched style and a solid ray tracing implementation on PC. It's also a critically acclaimed game, successfully bringing together so many of its maker's strongest design elements.

Unfortunately, according to a new Digital Foundry report, things are dire on PS4 and Xbox One. Control is a very demanding game on PC, but it seems console players have the worst of it.

The visual package is the same across the different consoles, with the main differentiator being resolution. Base Xbox One is the lowest at 720p, followed by 900p on PS4. PS4 Pro gets an update to 1080p, whereas Xbox One X reigns with 1440p.

In all cases, Control uses temporal reconstruction to upscale to higher resolutions, and some AA to clean up the image where possible. All of this is fairly standard, but performance drops are the real problem here.

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Control targets 30fps on consoles, but the report says drops can be in 10s on base Xbox One and PS4. These drops happen everywhere, but they're more noticeable in combat, where in some cases, they linger for an extended period of time that halts the pace of combat.

PS4 Pro and Xbox One X are not exempt in this case, either, but Digital Foundry suggests they're in a much better state than base consoles.

Xbox One X has the smallest number of these problems, with PS4 Pro behind. The report goes as far as recommending players wait for a patch if they can only play it on base PS4 and Xbox One.

You can watch the video above for the full verdict.

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