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Here's a comparison of the Striga fight between The Witcher and The Witcher Netflix series

Want to see how the scene with the Striga in The Witcher Netflix compares with the opening sequence from The Witcher? Of course, you do.

This clip courtesy of reddit user lowlybard6 compares the two scenes from The Witcher and The Witcher Netflix series.

If you are unfamiliar with either, the scene is a rather intense one in both the show and the original game.

Geralt v Striga, The Witcher game and series comparison. Hope y'all like it. from r/witcher

Hopefully, Season Two of The Witcher will feature more fight scenes with monsters, because that's what Geralt does best: fight monsters. Okay, he is good with the ladies too.

If you are interested in more fight scenes, and or the best Geralt quote of the series, we have you covered.

Speaking of the series, its rumored Mark Hamill was offered the role of Geralt's mentor Vesemir and that Game of Thrones actor Kristofer Hivju has been cast for Season Two.

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