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Capcom: Sony montion control delay does not affect RE5: Gold release


Capcom has said that Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition's release date will not be changed, just because Sony's has delayed the release of its motion controller.

Revealed to contain support for the Sony Gem/Arc/Controller during last year's Tokyo Game Show, Capcom says that support for the peripheral was never announced for the US version of RE5: Gold - known elsewhere as the Alternative Edition.

"Capcom has not announced any compatibility between Sony's motion controller and Resident Evil 5 in North America," a company rep told Joystiq. "The release of this product will be unaffected by the delay in our territory and is still on track for a March 9 release with the individual pieces of downloadable content released prior".

No word on whether Capcom plans to release a patch for the game upon the controller's release.

Yesterday, it was revealed that the original release of Resident Evil 5 contained the extra content included with the Gold Edition at some point - which will also be released as DLC.

New screens featuring Excella Gionne from the Mercenaries Reunion episode were also released.

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