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Call of Duty: Warzone's next major update could solve disappearing modes problem

Call of Duty: Warzone may soon stop removing game modes to make room for others.

One of the more frustrating things in Call of Duty: Warzone has little to do with the game itself, and more about the way developer Infinity Ward curates the available list of modes and playlists.

Warzone, just like Warfare's core multiplayer, gets a playlist update twice a week. Players usually find out what's changed when they log in to play, which inevitably leaves some disappointed when their favourite mode suddenly disappears, or gets hidden behind another menu. Over the weekend, for instance, Infinity Ward rolled out two multiplayer playlists free for Warzone players, but it had to take away Plunder mode. The MP trial also got Quads removed from the front page and into a separate list.

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Some argue that it's all part of Infinity Ward's plan to understand what players like by constantly testing new modes. This is likely true, but it turns out, there are also some technical limitations that currently prevent the game from surfacing as many different game modes as it could, or indeed other competing games have.

Multiplayer co-design director Joe Cecot revealed on Twitter that the developer is working on a solution to allow more game modes to have a spot on the main page, confirming that the game's next "big" update will bring the necessary UI changes to facilitate this.

Mid-season updates for Warzone typically drop two to three weeks after the season's launch, so we'll be waiting a while yet. While these updates could certainly improve the situation, it's worth keeping in mind that the nature of live games dictates regularly rotating a roster of different modes and experiences, so some of that won't go away.

Some other things you can look forward to this season include a Juggernaut mode, and potentially, support for 200 players.

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