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Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific Season 3 - All map changes and new features

Caldera is undergoing quite the makeover. Here's everything that has changed on the new map with Season 3's launch.

With the release of Warzone Pacific Season 3, Caldera is undergoing some serious changes thanks to the emergence of gigantic monsters all around the tropical island. In response, multiple areas across the map will be significantly different by the time you drop in.

To help you make your way in this brave new world, we’ve detailed each and every major change coming to the map. Be sure to check them all out once you check out the update April 27.

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New POI: Dig Site

An aerial shot of a massive dig site, with giant monster skeletons uncovered.

The Dig site is a whole new point of interest being added to Caldera with the launch of Warzone Pacific Season 3. At this location, digging equipment has uncovered several giant skeletons between the Mine and the Ruins.

This region fills up a previous empty spot on the map, and thanks to the multiple major structures either man-made or skeletal is a great place to drop if you’re looking for an action-packed early game.

POI changes: Peak

Peak on Caldera, reinforced and rebuilt for the Season 3 update.

One of the most popular spots to start a hectic game on Caldera is also getting an upgrade. Finally, with the launch of Season 3 the construction of Peak is complete - so say goodbye to the scaffolding and say hello to a newly built silo at the centre, structures around the perimeter, and a fresh coat of paint.

Whether or not the cavern beneath Peak, a common runoff point for those who decide to evacuate from the action-packed spot, will remain as barebones is hard to tell since we currently haven’t seen inside this newly reinforced location. However, it’s clear this POI isn’t due to become any less popular with the launch of the new season.

POI changes: Runway

An aerial shot of the upgraded runway, with new barracks and hangars.

Runway always felt like the smaller, less impressive brother to the airfield at the south of the map. To help make this spot a bit more exciting, runway is getting a bunch of new buildings including new hangars and barracks. As such, expect to find a larger selection of loot coming alongside a great influx of battle-hungry players at this spot.

Bear in mind, that much of the wilderness and natural cover has been removed in this region to make way for these additions, so you won’t be as obscured as you move to and from the new and improved Runway.

POI changes: Lagoon

A strange monolith on the beaches by the lagoon. Located in Warzone Pacific.

Lagoon up until now has been a solitary POI all the way to the west of the map, with a singular bridge leading in and out of the location. However, with the launch of Season 3, another path has been uncovered leading up to the Lagoon.

This newfound route contains several moored ships filled with loot, alongside some smaller footpaths that lead back towards the island proper. While not as bombastic a change as seen elsewhere on Caldera, these changes are sure to breathe some life into what is surely one of the maps’ less popular zones. The addition of those ships also provide additional landing spots aside from the lighthouse.

That wraps up our recap of all the map point of interest changes coming to Warzone Pacific Season 3! For more Season 3 content, check out our guide on the date and time the season is going live here.

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