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Warzone Season 2 - bunker locations and loot

With the launch of Warzone season 2, bunkers and chamical weapons have been spread over Caldera! Here's how you can find them.

It’s a scary time on Caldera right now! With the launch of Warzone Pacific season 2, gas has spread all over the island (more so than usual) making the already dangerous pacific island even deadlier. For those looking to make use of this new weapon, bunkers are spread all over the map that provide players an opportunity to pick up exclusive loot if they’re brave enough to enter.

If you’re willing to face this peril face on, we’ve written this guide that tells you where each of the bunkers are located, as well as what you can expect to find inside.

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Warzone pacific season 2 - where are the bunkers?

As you jump into Warzone during season 2 and open your map, you’ll see multiple yellow circles drawn on your otherwise spotless atlas of the island. These indicate the location of several bunkers spread across the map, which you can of course fly towards and enter at your own risk.

Once you get to the locations circled on the map, you’re looking for open hatches on the ground with ladders leading deep below the surface. Simply climb or drop down and you’ll find yourself deep in one of the underground bunkers.

Warzone pacific season 2 - What is inside the bunkers

Alongside your typical selection of loot crates and other goodies, there are a few special rewards of note that are absolutely worth all the effort.

The first are Nebula V rounds, a incredibly rare and valuable field upgrade found exclusively in bunkers. These allow you to swap out a magazine for one of your guns with poisonous gas rounds, which deal additional damage as well as leave damaging gas behind wherever you shoot.

The next are AI enemies, specifically nazis who are posted in these bunkers to protect that nasty gas and generally make looting the bunkers less of a cakewalk. While they don’t deal massive damage, you don’t want to have your plates broken randomly by these guys so pay attention!

Finally, you can also loot a P.D.S from the bunkers! These provide an air packet for al limited time, allowing you to breathe outside of the zone or alternatively providing some safety from Nebula rounds in firefights.

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