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Warzone is getting an Attack on Titan cosmetic pack

Filled with a new operator skin, new weapon blueprints, and other goodies, fans of the anime have a reason to bust out the wine!

For Warzone players with a taste for all things anime, there’s a fancy new bundle right around the corner that might be just what they’ve been waiting for. That’s right, Attack on Titan is coming to Caldera with a wide range of cosmetics, letting players slice across the pacific island in style.

Releasing January 20, only a week after the mid-season update, the pack contains the following goodies:

  • The Survey Corps operator skin.
  • Three new weapon blueprints, including a new dual-wield melee weapon blueprint.
  • A secret key weapon charm.
  • One Hot Potato sticker.
  • Wings of Freedom emblem.
  • An Attack on Titan finisher, MVP highlight, and highlight intro.
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There’s no word on how much this is going to cost as of yet, but if we take a look at the bundles currently offered in Warzone we can make an educated guess. Previously released bundles, like the Amethyst Assassin bundle which similarly contained ten items including a new operator skin, several weapons, and a mix of other cosmetics is sold for 2,400 cod points.

Included in the same blog post was the reveal of a new weapon and operator! Isabella Rosairo is also due to release around the mid-season update as part of a dedicated bundle, filling out the crew of Task Force 006 Trident with her arrival. Again, no word on how much that will cost, but players looking for a new character to mess around with should start saving now.

In addition, the Welgun SMG is on its way as the first new weapon to be added to Warzone since Caldera’s release. It can either be obtained through purchasing the Reserved Steel bundle, or through completing certain challenges unlocked on its release.

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Activision Blizzard, the publisher of Call of Duty: Warzone, is currently in the middle of a sexual harrasment lawsuit filed by the State of California. As a result of the uncovered problems at the company, unionisation efforts have been attempted by staff, despite an executive from the company attempting to discourage these efforts.

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