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Xur put on a week's suspension for bungling his Destiny inventory [UPDATE]

Xur has set up shop this week, but it seems he's forgotten some of his inventory. Namely, the guns. Because of this, he will be back next week with a full inventory.

Including an Exotic weapon. Which is the issue. According to Bungie, it could not "safely alter Xur at this time," so expect him to return next week with the much needed guns.

The developer didn't say what happened with the special weapons it gave Xur. So it's not known whether he pawned the items, or sold them under the table to a Vex. He may have liked it enough to keep it for himself. Who knows.

Original Post

Bungie spotted the issue shortly after Xur arrived at the Tower this morning. It hasn't been resolved yet, but they're looking into it.

Once Xur's got his act together, we'll let you know.

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