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New BRUTE Squad mech pilot Fortnite skins drop in item shop

It’s all systems go for Season 10 of Fortnite Battle Royale. With a lot of the mobility options stripped from the game, giant mechs dominate the battlefield, mixing explosive power with rocket bursts of speed.

If you’re going to look the part for the new vehicles, then check out the new B.R.U.T.E Squad set of Fortnite skins in the item shop.

There are male and female versions of these mech pilots, who fit together with the roles you can take on while you’re driving a BRUTE. They’re called the BRUTE Gunner and BRUTE Navigator, and the set is completed with the Robo Wrecker harvesting tool.

BRUTE Gunner Skin

The BRUTE looks like a recolour of the Power Chord skin, since they have the same haircut - which is visible, unlike the other skin.

Another cool detail is the insignia on her suit - which looks like a bullet inside a triangle. This was shown off in the teasers for Season 10 earlier this week - who knew!

We think it’d look quite good with the Altitude Back Bling from the Season 7 Battle Pass. It fits with the futuristic technology and would give the look a bit more of an animated edge. Because it's an Uncommon skin, it costs 800 V-Bucks.

BRUTE Navigator Skin

Meanwhile, the BRUTE Navigator looks to be a Jonesy recolour with a new helmet. You’d recognise that handsome face, those high cheekbones, and that self-satisfied smirk anywhere.

The scuffing detail on the visor of his helmet is a really cool touch that breathes a little more life into this Uncommor tier skin, and the black, yellow, and red colourway means it goes well with plenty of Back Blings and weapon wraps.

The carbon fiber detail on his suit would look good with the Carbon and Gold wrap from a couple of Battle Passes ago, or the Subjugator Back Bling. It also costs 800 V-Bucks.

Robo Wrecker harvesting tool

The Robo Wrecker pickaxe is quite run-of-the-mill but, as you'd expect, perfectly complements the other BRUTE Squad skins. It costs 500 V-Bucks.

These aren’t the only news skins to drop in Fortnite this week though. There are tons of new battle pass items to test out with the start of Season 10, so take a look.

Since you can’t get around quite as easily you’ll also want to familiarise yourself with the Season 10 map changes, including the return of OG point-of-interest, Dusty Depot.

But if you’re already completely clued up, then it’s time to hit the challenges. This week your missions are to destroy stop signs while wearing the Catalyst skin - we have all the locations here.

And also you’ve been tasked with visiting different drift-painted locations - a Durrr Burger Head, Dinosaur, and Stone Head Statue, follow the link here to see where to go.

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