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Fortnite: Visit a Drift painted Durrr Burger Head, dinosaur and stone head statue locations

While it’s all change in Fortnite, some things will always stay the same - visit challenges. For this first one of Season 10 your mission is to “Visit a Drift painted Durrr Burger Head, dinosaur and stone head statue”. Here’s how to do that!

This forms one of your first Road Trip Battle Pass challenges which set you on the way to Prestige!

Fortnite - Visit a Drift painted Durrr Burger Head, dinosaur and stone head statue

Visit Drift Painted LocationsLocation
Durrr Burger HeadJust to the northwest of Loot Lake - D3
DinosaurSouth of Paradise Palms - I9
Stone Head StatueSouthwest of Neo Tilted - C6

Durrr Burger Head location

You'll find the Durrr Burger Head on top of a hill just to the northwest of the banks of Loot Lake. You only need to approach it for the challenge to pop.

Here is the location on the map:

Dinosaur location

The Dinosaurs are where they always were - in the southeast of the map, just to the south of Paradise Palms. You're looking for a t-rex, brontosaurus, and triceratops stood around in a circle on the side of the road.

You only need to walk up to where the three of them are for the challenge to ping:

Stone Head Statue location

For the Stone Head Statue, you're going into the snowy area of the map near Shifty Shafts.

This one is kind of in the middle of nowhere, so it's a good idea to go there straight from the Battle Bus - or you can slide up to it from the frozen lake to the south.

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Also new to the game are the Brute mechs, which two people can pilot around the map.

We've seen the return of some classic Points-of-interest as well, like Dusty Depot in the centre of the map.

However, these have been balanced against the removal of tons of other mobility options, like the Baller, which is now in the Vault.

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