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Borderlands 3 release date looks like it's been leaked on Twitter

The official Borderlands 3 Twitter account has seemingly leaked the release date of the game, as well as its future arrival on the Epic Games Store.

Twitter user Wario64 (via @Nibellion) posted a now-deleted tweet that revealed Borderlands 3's release date to be September 13, as well as a snippet from a Twitter ad - also since deleted - that featured the Epic Games Store logo.

Users on ResetEra picked up on the tweet, warning fans to take the news with a pinch of salt, given that tomfoolery abounds on April 1.

After the tweet was deleted however, commentors were more inclined to believe that the release date was legitimate and that the game's Twitter account goofed.

Since Borderlands 3's announcement at PAX East last week, fans have been poring over the trailer for hints and clues that they may have initially missed - if that's your thing, you should definitely check out the gameplay trailer breakdown - and they were convinced that they'd discovered the release date.

Prominent numbers popping up at various points in the trailer lead them to believe that Borderlands 3's launch is either October 1, or January 10. So if the September date is real, they're not that far off.

September 13 falls on a Friday, which is unusual in the US at least, where games typically release on a Tuesday. Friday launches are the done thing on this side of the pond, so it's not necessarily a cause for raised eyebrows.

IGN reached out to Gearbox and 2K for comment and received the following image accompanied by this little guy:


Gearbox is set to reveal further details about Borderlands 3 on April 3, so we'll most likely find out the truth of the matter in a couple of days.

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