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Blizzard: Diablo III "way over half-way" done


Another BlizzCon, another year without a concrete date for Diablo III.

But hey, here's the next best thing.

Speaking during the BlizzCon's Diablo III and World of Warcraft press conference, game director Jay Wilson said that Diablo III's "way over half-way done."

He also noted that even though the game's not quite feature complete, it's certainly not lacking for content.

So, the obvious question/froth-coated groveling: please please please please please tell us when it's coming out already!

“We’re not really close until you’re playing it," Wilson said, pointing to a friends and family beta test as a good indicator of that.

He also added that while Diablo III's not "close" to clawing its way out of development hell yet, a friends and family beta test is. So we're close to being close, basically.

More from BlizzCon as we ambush Blizzard employees, drag them into a dingy bathroom, and interrogate them at knife-point. Er, we mean, as it comes. Yeah.

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