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BioShock Vita development is up to Take-Two and Sony, says Levine

A BioShock title for Vita is something Irrational's Ken Levine is interested in developing, but he's told Eurogamer the decision to create the game for the handheld is up to Sony and Take-Two.

Levine said he has "cool design" ideas for BioShock Vita, but he needs the go-ahead from "the business people" before getting to work.

“Where the Vita stands right now, it's in the hands of the business people at Take-Two and the business people at Sony working out, hey, what happens in these business people discussions? Fortunately I don't have to take part in it any more because I sold my company a long time ago," he said.

“It's something I'm still very interested in. I still have a cool design for it. It's a question of, do those guys come to find the right mix that makes everybody happy to make that happen?”

Don't be hoping for a port of Infinite though, at least not yet, because it may be something entirely different altogether.

“I've never said it was Infinite,” said Levine. “It will be something. I'm always hesitant to talk too much about things we don't have anything to show because it's getting ahead of ourselves.

"I'm trying to be very careful."

BioShock Infinite releases on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 in March.

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