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BFBC2 gets server update, patched, Steam deal


EA and DICE released a new server software update for PC players of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 yesterday.

According the update, the server is being installed in the server hosts with the new version putting 20 percent less of a load on the CPU.

Hit detection was also improved, along with some other fixes. You can read the announcement through the official message boards.

Patch notes:

  • Several common crash fixes. Especially those which have monitoring scripts that rely on the Remote Admin interface should see stability improvements.
  • PunkBuster can send commands to Remote Admin interface (so ‘pb_sv_task 0 -1 ’ works)
  • Veteran-rank handling corrected (it was broken in R6 and possibly earlier)
  • Switched back to Release version of the low-level networking library; less debug output but higher performance
  • Increased the initial server reconnection interval to 30+rand(30) seconds
  • PB GUID generation is now based on EA account IDs (it used to be based on persona names)
  • Added new command line options which allow providers to easily maintain server GUID's

Also, Steam is offering a Battlefield Bad Company 2 Squad Pack that includes four copies of the shooter for the price of three so you can give away a few to pals.

It was announced earlier this week that the game had become the fastest selling shooter in the UK this year, and had already moved over 2M units in two weeks.

Thanks, Blue.

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