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Best Destiny videos of the week - Xur vs Cryptarch rap battle

Destiny has once more produced a slew of entertaining, educational and occasionally baffling videos.


Destiny players have repeatedly sparked crazes by exploiting the game's little foibles - Sparrow surfing is one example. This latest one is kind of mysterious; I don't know how it's done, or why you would want to, but Hidden Reach has discovered butt surfing.

I promise that was the stupidest video in this week's round up. As a palate cleanser, here's quite a clever one - a rap battle between vendor Xur and engram decoder the Cryptarch, by EnderGamma.

The Cyptarch probably won, but he's a jerk so all hail Xur. Speaking of jerks, I'm pretty sure ItzMalevolence's opponents had some strong words regarding the canny sniper, but let's face it - if you haven't learned your lesson by the third revive, you deserve what you get.

Justified raid rage

Crota's End hard mode launched this week and many a Guardian has rage quit in frustration. But even before Bungie turned the difficulty up, there were plenty of reasons to lose your s**t over raids.

Take this Vault of Glass attempt by JHacker111. This assault on the Templar almost - almost! - came off. I'd have screamed till I bled.

Meanwhile, poor old Matthias Sq1ppy dropped the ball when his controller dropped him. Sadness.

Fun on Mars

Next up we have two videos from Mars. In the first, firechimp1 rams the target of a public event, but doesn't quite get the result they expected.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Serna discovered the Cabal's experimental new deployment tactic. It doesn't seem to be working out for them.

Go home AI, you're drunk

The AI has been behaving itself for the most part this week, but whichever Randal or Greg was at the controls of this drop ship should probably lose their license; good cap, brettbullet.

Best video of the week

This week my coveted (?) award for most hilarious and awesome video goes to leopardstealth, who celebrated the arrival of hard mode for Crota's End with this terrific take on Aladdin's Whole New World.

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