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Battlefield 5's co-op mode, Combined Arms, goes live next week

Battlefield 5's Combined Arms co-op mode will soon become a reality.

Battlefield 5's Combined Arms mode, like half a dozen features announced at the game's reveal, never actually made it at launch. DICE officially confirmed the co-op mode will launch as part of the game's Lightning Strikes chapter, currently underway.

Today, the developer dropped a new trailer to finally reveal the mode will be available next week. We're still waiting on an actual date, but it's likely going to be Tuesday or Thursday - DICE's typical patch days.

Combined Arms is a four-player, scenario-based co-op mode. You'll be visiting four of the game's multiplayer maps in four unique mission types, but that's about the extent of what we know about it so far. DICE, however, is currently taking fan questions, which the studio will answer in a Reddit AMA, or a dedicated livestream soon.

Until then, you can check out this brief teaser.

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