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Scopes in Battlefield 2042 seem to be affecting weapon recoil, for some reason

Battlefield 2042's weapon attachments are under fire again because of their misleading, often confusing behaviour.

If you've been playing Battlefield 2042 since its release in November last year, you'll no doubt be keenly aware that one of the game's problems has been inconsistent weapon attachment behaviour, which was a major factor in how poorly received its gunplay was.

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Some of these issues manifested in misleading attachment descriptions, where they would do the opposite of what is stated. Other cases saw certain attachments being ineffective in performing the function they're supposed to.

DICE eventually corrected a few of those mistakes in subsequent patches, but it looks like the problem has not been entirely fixed. As picked up by Reddit user Zodhr, weapon recoil in Battlefield 2042 appears to be influenced by sight and scope selection somehow.

As you can see in their video below; using the AK24 assault rifle, switching sights from the Fusion Holo to the XDR Holo reduces the vertical recoil by around 25%. This obviously should not happen, as none of the scopes in Battlefield 2042 have - in theory - any recoil-affecting properties.

It's worth noting that in both cases, Zodhr has the Arcom Tactical Muzzle Brake attached to the barrel - which is designed to cut down on recoil. It's possible that the Plus Menu is itself bugged, and did not initially apply the effect of the muzzle brake until after the sight change.

The same issue is likely also responsible for a similar problem with weapon grips. As seen in the video below from iFlyAircraft, the M5A3 assault rifle has different vertical recoil values when switching between the Cobra Grip, and the LWG Grip - both of which should have the same effect, according to the in-game description.

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Indeed, the video shows that a compensator is attached, so it's possible that it, too, is having its effect applied only after the grip change. Regardless of what's causing it, this is obviously a problem that needs to be addressed.

As DICE developers return from the holiday break, we expect to hear something about the studio's plans for the game in 2022 soon. For now, we get more Battlefield 2042 lore.

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