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Battlefield 2042 Season 4 will feature a new Battle Pass, hardware, the final Specialist, and more

DICE talks a bit about Season 4 and Season 5.

DICE has detailed a bit of what to expect from Battlefield 2042 Seasons 4 and 5 after Update 3.2 launches in early 2023.

According to the studio, Season 4 will mark the end of Year 1 and launches in early 2023 with a new Specialist, a new Battle Pass, brand-new hardware, and more.

Battlefield 2042 | Development Update – Maps & Specialists Reworks, Vault Weapons, and More

A new map will arrive with the content, but it will be a smaller, shorter, and linear designed offering for close-quarters combat.

Currently in pre-production, Season 5 will also feature a new Specialist, new map, new hardware, and new Battle Pass.

DICE said with Season 5, the studio will "lean into previous games" and how they can show up in Battlefield 2042. The new Season 5 map coming will be a "forgotten battleground" that last saw combat in Battlefield 4.

It will feature an overgrown area and encourage a combination of vehicular and infantry combat where teamplay is the key to victory.

While you wait on Seasons 4 and 5, the game's current season kicked off on November 22, and it takes you to the wilderness of Sweden with the new map, Spearhead. The season also features the Egyptian-born Specialist and security expert Zain, multiple weapons and a Battlefield-classic throwable, a new tank, new assignments, and more.

In early 2023, update 3.2 will include the Specialist rework, featuring the move to a Class-based system and a set of balance adjustments. Season 4 will see a Specialist placed within the Recon class and is the final Specialist being brought to the game, rounding the roster out to 14 in total.

And as previously reported, you can also expect reworks of the Manifest and Breakaway launch maps.

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