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Battlefield 2042's promised scoreboard is here, with death stat tracking

The Battlefield 2042 March update has arrived, but it's a lot smaller than we thought.

The long-awaited Battlefield 2042 patch, originally scheduled for February, is finally here. The patch arrived this morning on all platforms, but it may not be the one to bring you back to the game.

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3.3 is the update that delivers the first iteration of the game's scoreboard. The scoreboard, first shown off in January, has been updated slightly.

Chiefly, the design now includes player deaths, which was somehow among players' most requested additions. The existing match overview panel continues to exist, but has now found a new, more condensed home on the left side of the page.

DICE said that further updates to the scoreboard are in the works, including making it available during the end of round screen.

The other major addition in today's patch is the Steadfast Exclusive Legendary Bundle, a series of cosmetic items for owners of the Ultimate/Gold editions, and the game's season pass. The bundle arrives later today, as compensation for the delay of the game's first season - which still doesn't have a date.

Looking to the future, DICE said a bigger update is currently scheduled for sometime in early April. This one will add VOIP between squads, more updates to the scoreboard, and a series of balance tweaks for weapons and vehicles. The developer also said we can expect "an overhaul of attachment behavior for infantry weapons across the board."

Read on below for the full change log for patch 3.3:


  • Fixed a game crash that could occur on Origin or Xbox One when signing in/out while using an Xbox One controller.
  • Setting Chat key bindings no longer requires a game restart to take effect.
  • Adjusted Aim Assist on console to ensure that the system is in effect when analogue sticks are at 100% of their range. Previously it was only active at ranges below 100%.
  • Fixed a bug where takedowns would not result in a kill on Xbox One and PS4.
  • Established new location for our EU data centre as Frankfurt.


  • Conquest & Breakthrough - fixed a bug where the securing objective XP-event was triggered even after a capture point was already fully captured.
  • Hazard Zone - fixed a visual bug displaying squad mates during the match found sequence.
  • Hazard Zone - fixed a bug where the End of Round XP gains sometimes didn’t trigger.

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