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Battlefield 2042's Hovercraft and Nightbird helicopter are being nerfed

The Battlefield 2042 Hovercraft apocalypse will end some day.

Following the disappointing worldwide launch of Battlefield 2042, DICE has revealed that it's working on a number of fixes for a few annoying bugs and severe balance problems.

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Now that the game is out in the wild, many of the issues early adopters called out the week before have now been experienced by a much larger player base. This has brought some of the more egregious bugs to the fore. It's also part of why Battlefield 2042 is currently one of Steam's worst-rated games.

Though DICE did release a day one patch already, it mostly included fixes for Hazard Zone, without really touching the major bugs in the game's core game modes. With that out of the way, the developer has now revealed some of the fixes players can expect in the near future.

In a series of Tweets, DICE confirmed that the issue causing revives to sometimes not function, such as in cases where the dead player is near a wall or object, is being fixed. On the subject of revives, the bug that causes players to simply fail to respawn, requiring them to quit the match, is also being fixed. In fact, a server-side update should have already lessened its chances of occurring, but a more permanent fix will arrive in a client patch.

One big reveal in the Tweets is that DICE is looking into vehicle balance. The menace of the LCAA Hovercraft will end, as the developer plans to reduce its health, armour and nerf its weapons. The MD540 Nightbird helicopter is likewise getting its weapons nerfed.

Another problem players came across is one where their loadouts simply don't show up. DICE said this is a server-related issue whose fix has already been developed and is currently being tested.

The UAV-1 in Bad Company 2 maps on Portal has been causing a few issues of its own. DICE ended up disabling it altogether while it rebalances it. The UAV-1 will return in the game's next update.

DICE previously said that it plans to roll out two patches before the end of the year, the latter of which will bring more substantial fixes.

If you just started playing the game yourself, our actually helpful Battlefield 2042 tips will highlight a few elements you may not be aware of.

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