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Battlefield 1: Operations mode is a continuous battle across multiple maps

The newest Battlefield 1 mode sounds like Conquest and Rush taken to an even more bigger scale.


Battlefield 1: Operations mode is a continuous battle across multiple maps

DICE has announced three of the multiplayer game modes that we'll be seeing in Battlefield 1. Conquest and Domination make a return, but the most interesting addition by far is the new Operations mode.

Operations strings together multiple inter-connected rounds, which all amount to a single Operation and a single score. The maps change at the end of every match, but the objectives remains the same; attackers must push the frontline forward, as defenders try to stop their advance.

Operations sounds like a mix of Rush and Conquest, and DICE hopes to offer some semblance of the war effort, where different battles were fought across multiple fronts but essentially lead to the same goals. We'll even be able to see the map we just finished over the horizon as the next map starts, according to the developer.

"We wanted to create a Battlefield experience that was not just bite-sized, but actually spanned beyond an hour of playtime," DICE wrote in an update.

"Something epic and compelling for players who wanted a chance to immerse themselves in this first global war, and capture the stories of how different battles were deeply connected to one another."

Conquest is the same as it's always been, except this time around Behemoth vehicles enter the map during key moments to help one team turn the tide of a match.

Domination is the small version of Conquest, with focus on infantry combat in close quarters. You still have to capture flags, but the capture time is considerably less than that of Conquest, and the maps are more focused.

Battlefield 1 releases in October for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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