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Battlefield 1 expansions Turning Tides, Apocalypse out in December and early 2018, respectively

The two other expansions on the calendar for Battlefield 1, Turning Tides and Apocalypse, were given release windows during the EA Play event today at E3 2017.


While we still know very little about the two Battlefield 1 expansions, at least we know when they are coming, right?

While the wait for these will be rather long, players have In the Name of the Tsar to keep them busy once September finally rolls around.

Turning Tides releases in December 2017, and will thrust players into amphibious warfare and "engage in the daredevil Zeebrugge Raid, the Gallipoli Offensive, and more.”

The Zeebrugge Raid was a battle between the British and German Navies and the Gallipoli Campaign took place on the Gallipoli peninsula, pitting the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) against the Ottoman Empire.

Apocalypse will be released in early 2018, and we know even less about it than Turning Tides. We do know it will include some of the most "infamous battles of WWI," and players will be tasked with conquering "bitterly contested ground.

They will be using "brutal tools and unique weapons" in the process.

When DICE provides more information on these expansions, we'll be sure to drop you a line. EA Partners, such as Westie, will be having a go at the Turning Tides expansion this week. Surely he'll have more information for us later this week.

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