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You need to try these hilarious pranks Baldur’s Gate 3 players are playing on Mizora

It's just a prank, Drow.

A character unleashing an attack in Baldur's Gate 3.
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Warning: Spoilers for Baldur's Gate 3 may lie ahead.

While a number have been busy working on bizarre speedruns, it seems an equally determined faction of the Baldur's Gate 3 community have decided to dedicate their time to devising hilariously satisfying ways to prank Mizora.

In case you aren’t familiar, Mizora’s role in the game is basically to serve as the bane of Wyll’s life, having drawn him into a pact that the Blade of Frontiers is desperate to get out of. As part of the companion quest that revolves around this agreement, she can casually rock up as a guest in your camp during the game’s third act, which, as some mischievous BG3 players have realised, leaves her open to all manner of hijinks.

For example, as outlined in a post from user FalseAladeen on the game’ subreddit that’s kicked off a bit of a Mizora pranking party, if you’re lucky enough to have a brawny character with high strength in your camp - Karlach fits the bill, just FYI - you can take part in the Cabin throwing championships. All you have to do is “walk near her anytime, pick her up, and yeet her. She will disappear in a poof of hellfire and spawn back in a few seconds, due to Zariel's protection.”

The best part is that there don’t really seem to be any negative consequences for testing how aerodynamic Mizora’s horns are. As outlined by another player in the thread punching her is also an option, but seems a tad too mean-spirited to me.

What I can recommend, however, is following the advice of user Random_Pixels. “If you smash a bottle of grease on the floor where she stands,” they explained, “she will constantly slip and fall when she spawns in camp.

“Eventually she will save and walk out of the oil puddle. Then you shove her back in. Comedy gold.”

For the magically inclined, there’s also the trick outlined by user mementodiscere, who declared: “You can also polymorph her into a sheep.” “She won't take off, so she just hangs out there, as a sheep. I also like casting Otto's Irresistible Dance on her and making her into the camp jester,” they added.

“You can actually succeed [in] planar binding on her and use dimension door, feign death and other fun ally-only things,” another player in the thread revealed, “I tried dimension dooring her all the way into the sea [chasm], but it sadly did not kill her.”

So, there’s some fun stuff for you to try next time you fire up Larian’s RPG. In other BG3 news, we recently learned that we’ll be getting a release date for the Xbox version of the game at The Game Awards.

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