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Baldur's Gate 3 Perfumed Letter location

The perfumed letter hints at the location of some useful treasure in Baldur's Gate 3!

Tav collecting the loot mentioned in the perfumed letter in Baldur's Gate 3
Image credit: Larian/VG247

Almost immediately after embarking upon your adventure in Baldur's Gate 3, you'll pick up the perfumed letter from a corpse on the beach — assuming you looted him, which you almost certainly will have done, considering you landed in this place with little more than the clothes on your back. The letter contains a message to the unfortunate late fisherman, Sy, from his lover Anna, asking him to run away with her to the city. However, this isn't just a piece of environmental storytelling.

Since it's not a marked quest, the location mentioned in the perfumed letter is very easy to miss (just like a lot of things in Baldur's Gate) — but if you follow its directions to "the hill overlooking the old bridge", you can complete this small side-story and grab some loot for yourself. So here's where you need to go!

Baldur's Gate 3 Perfumed Letter location

You pick up the perfumed letter from Sy's body next to the water by the Overgrown Ruins.

Head north past the Roadside Cliffs towards the Druids' Grove and Goblin Camp. Once you've completed the story battle at the Grove's gate, you can freely move around this area.

Just to the southwest of the Grove's gate you can find the bottom of the hill mentioned in the perfumed letter.

An annotated map showing the route from the Emerald Grove to the location indicated by the perfumed letter item in Baldur's Gate 3.
Head southwest from the entrance to the Emerald Grove, then use the jump action at the bottom of the hill to begin your ascent. | Image credit: VG247 / Larian Studios

Use the "Jump" action to get up the slope at the foot of the hill, then interact with the cragged rock face to ascend to the next level. From there, follow the path until you reach a ladder.

At the top of the ladder, around the burned out campfire, you find what you're looking for. Loot the skeleton (presumably poor Anna) to get an enchanted necklace which grants the wearer access to the Guidance cantrip - a very useful ability for making it through difficult dice rolls and dialogue checks.

Especially at this early stage where you likely don't have any better options for your party, small boosts like this really come in handy for progressing the story. And to think how many people have just walked right past this loot.

You can also interact with a pile of rocks nearby to chance your arm (literally) for the possibility of picking up a pouch, and there's a nice handful of gold coins free for the taking in the chest at the top of the lookout platform.

With the gold and items pocketed, head back down the hill and continue with your adventure. The Druids' Grove or the Goblin Camp westwards await!

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