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Assassin’s Creed 4 guide – sequence 9 walkthrough

A complete walkthrough of Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag's ninth sequence.

Sequence 09

Memory 01: Imagine My Surprise

Optional Objectives

  • Kill brutes (4)
  • Sabotage alarm bells (2)

With the Jackdaw back in your position, sail out of your hideout . Your destination is Kingston (623,172). You can fast travel there, or take your time and plunder along the way. When you reach Kingston, head into town to start your mission of locating Hornigold and Rogers.

Pick up sleeping and berserk darts before you head into the compound, then hide in the brush. Wait for the brute on the left to leave, then whistle to get the attention of the remaining guard. Take him down, then wait for the brute to come back and repeat the process to not only kill the brute, but begin the four step process to clearing one of the optional objectives.

Speaking of optional objectives, there's an alarm bell just ahead with only one more guard patrolling it. Wait until he moves away, then move into the brush right next to the bell. When the guard comes back, whistle, take him down, then sabotage the alarm bell.

Move into the next patch of brush just ahead, then to the brush immediately to your right. Wait for the three guards to pass, then cross the road into the next patch of brush. Climb the hut just ahead and hit the three guards on the other side with sleeping darts. Disable the alarm bell to complete one of the optional objectives.

Continue moving north into the brush just ahead. There should be several small houses just north of the brush. Activate Eagle Vision to locate Hornigold and Rogers, then tail them. Climb to the roof of the house to the west and kill the gunman. Assassinate the brute to the south just below, then duck into the nearby brush.

Wait for the two men to continue walking, then run up to the brush just ahead on the left and kill the brute standing nearby. Continue moving from brush to brush along the left side of the path until the two men move out of the restricted area. Keep following them, hiding in the crowds when the stop.

Climb to the roof of the house to the south and take down the gunman on the roof just ahead with a sleeping dart. There's another gunman on the roof of the house to the right. Use a sleeping dart on him as well, then continue following the two men.

When they enter the restricted area, stay outside of the fence as you eavesdrop on the conversation. When they turn to their right jump on the fence and assassinate the guard just ahead. Move forward into the brush and assassinate the next guard, then climb to the second floor of the building ahead.

Kill the guard at the end, then jump over to the tree and run along the branch. Dive into the hay cart below, then climb to the top of the building ahead and shoot a dart (sleeping or berserk) at the gunman on the roof to the right.

Stay on the left side of the roof and follow the men until you've heard enough of their conversation. This triggers a cut scene, in which they seem to be aware of your presence. Run out of the building and climb to the top of the closest house. The objective is now to lose the guards and become anonymous. It's fairly easy to lose the guards while you're running along the rooftops. Once you do, duck into any one of the hiding places on the map (marked by blue dots) to complete the mission.

Memory 02: Trust Is Earned

Optional Objectives

  • Double assassinate Cockram and Burgess
  • Free pirates (2)

Return to the Jackdaw and take the wheel. You can fast travel to Kingston (623,172), then sail south to cut your travel time to the mission start point, or plunder and pillage along the way. When you reach your destination, you'll soon find yourself off the coast of Africa with the objective of sinking five enemy ships.

There are four small ships and one larger ship. Focus on the four small ships as they go down much easier than the larger ship. When all four are down, then focus on the larger ship. Use mortars from a distance and your broadside cannons at close range.

Head over to the new location point, then dive into the water and swim to land. Follow the new location marker until you see two guards. Duck into the brush and wait for the guards to pass. When they do, run into the brush ahead and use a berserk dart on one of the brutes to the left. The brutes will take each other out, then climb the tree just ahead and make your way to the gate, moving from tree to tree.

Jump down just beyond the gate to find the man you're looking for. After some banter you're off to find Cockram and Burgess. Follow the path until you see two guards. Move into the brush near the closest guard and whistle to get his attention and take him down. The other guard is not in your direct line of sight, so move to the right, getting the attention of the next guard you see and taking him out.

Handle two of the three remaining guards by whistling from the brush, then bum rush the last guard. Follow the path into the cave and open the chest, then head back to the guard who was not in your line of sight. Run along the fence to easily reach the brush near the guard and whistle to get his attention and take him down.

There's a guard just beyond the gate. Wait until he's not looking your direction, then hide in the hay cart next to him and take the guard down. Move east, behind the tents, toward your destination. Watch for the guards that patrol in front of the tents to make sure you don't pass an opening as they walk by.

When you reach the next set of guards, run from the brush to the hay cart ahead. Wait until the guards aren't looking, then move to the brush ahead and take out the guard standing nearby. Continue to move from brush to brush until you reach the entrance to the next area. Take out the guard from the brush, then move into the area and hide in the first patch of brush near the entrance.

There's a single guard ahead. When he's not looking, move into the brush behind him and do what you do best. There's one more guard just ahead. Climb on the rock and assassinate him from the air, then climb to the roof of the house and wait for the guards to walk down street from the north. Use Eagle Vision to identify Burgess and Cockram walking with the guards. Stay back a bit from the edge of the roof so the guards don't see you, and wait for Burgess and Cockram to walk under you. Take them down with a double air assassination to complete the mission and the optional objective.

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