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Assassin’s Creed 4 guide – sequence 8 walkthrough

A complete walkthrough of Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag's eighth sequence.

Sequence 08

Memory 01: Do Not Go Gently...

Optional Objectives

  • Kill guards (4)
  • Use heavy shot to incapacitate the Man O' War

You now find yourself at Edward's hideout, Great Inagua. Make your way to wheel of the Jackdaw and set sail to start the mission. Take your time and plunder along the way to your destination, or fast travel to Abaco Island (606,835) to cut your travel time, then sail north to the mission start point.

Before you start the mission, it will make things MUCH easier if you upgrade the Jackdaw. The bare minimum to be successful at this mission would be two tiers of hull armor, three tiers for the broadside cannons, two tiers for round shot strength, one tier for the mortar, and two tiers for the heavy shot. This is the absolute minimum, but if you upgrade further you'll have a much easier time with the mission. Upgrade the heavy shot strength, broadside cannons, and mortar in that order for any addition upgrades to the ship.

After a quick cut scene with Blackbeard announcing his retirement, you must trail the stranger fellow that stared you down. He's very paranoid, so you need to hide in the crowds of people until he reaches the restricted area. At this point, hide in the brush as you continue to follow him.

When it's time to eavesdrop on the conversation, run up to the brush just ahead on the left and continue to hide along the left side to avoid the soldiers while you listen in on the conversation. There are multiple opportunities to take out the guards from your hiding places along the left side. Kill four of them to complete the optional objective.

Hold on to your pants because the island is being bombarded with cannon fire and you have to make it back to the Jackdaw. Run straight forward and get your acrobatics into high gear. Just make sure you avoid any and all fire. If you run into the fire, you will take heavy damage. There's essentially a path laid out for you, clear of the fire. Follow that path and you'll make it back to the wheel of the Jackdaw within the one minute time limit.

Once you're at the wheel it's time for a little pay back. You need to incapacitate the Man O' War ship. If you use the heavy shot (main cannons on the right or left side of the ship) to do it, you'll complete the optional objective as well. Attack with the mortar as you close the distance to the ship, and steer for the back side of the Man O' War. Ideally you'll come at the Man O' War from a 45 degree angle so your broadside cannons are in line with the rear corner of the Man O' War. With this trajectory, if the Man O' War turns to use its broadside cannons, you can quickly and easily turn to prevent them from having a good shot at the Jackdaw, while still sending over barrage after barrage of heavy shots.

When the Man O' War is incapacitated, board her. You need to kill 20 members of the opposing crew, destroy all three of the powder reserves, and kill the captain. Take down as many crew members as you can with the swivel gun before you personally board the ship. The Man O' War sits higher than the Jackdaw, so initiate the boarding from a distance so you have time to use the swivel with a good line of sight. Once you're right up next to the Man O' War, the swivel won't be very helpful.

No matter how hard you try... no matter how quickly you reach all of the objectives... Blackbeard will die. You have no time to mourn, you have 30 seconds to swim back to the Jackdaw and take the wheel. Head west to escape the zone and reach the open sea, completing the mission, but with heavy losses...

Memory 02: Vainglorious Bastards

Optional Objectives

  • Damage the Royal African Pearl with an upgraded ram
  • Use the fort's defenses to sink a ship

If you're in need to crew members after the last battle, fast travel to Salt Key Bank (495,632) and replenish. If not, you can fast travel to Tulum (70,405) to be as close as you can get to the location of the next mission. If you are looking to obtain the optional objectives for this mission, make sure to upgrade your ram before you start the mission, as you'll need to ram a ship to complete the optional objective.

When the next mission begins, your first course of action is to locate the Royal African Company ship. Stick close to your fellow ship and examine every ship you pass with the spyglass and you'll find the ship you're looking for fairly quickly. When you find it, stay close to your fellow ship and fire your chain cannons as you give chase to the Royal African Company ship.

Soon, your fellow ship will need your help. As long as you're close by, you'll automatically initiate a cut scene. It's time to sink another ship. This time you have to worry about other ships in the area, and the fort that's in close proximity. Use your broadside cannons to inflict most of the damage, staying at a 45 degree angle so it's more difficult to the opposing ship to fire on you.

It's important to stay as far away from the fort as possible. That means if you're moving in the direction of the fort, come to a complete stop and turn around as quickly as possible. You want to be attacking the ship, while moving away from the fort. However, if you're feeling like a completionist, get within range of the fort's mortars with a ship chasing you. When the fort fires, make sure the ship is close enough to take damage. This will award you one of the optional objectives.

Memory 03: Marooned

Optional Objectives

  • Skin animals (3)
  • Air assassinate Vane

You find yourself marooned on an island with Vane. It's unfortunate, but when you're a bad guy, betrayal is commonplace. Haven't you watched any movies? Anyway, the first order of business is to find Vane, who seems to have gone a little crazy.

There's a synchronize point nearby, climb up the mast and sync up! Head north deeper into the island, following the location markers. As you move through the area, a jaguar may attack. If you skin three of them, you can complete the optional objective.

When you reach the clearing, Vane yells at you from the top of the stone structure. He seems rather upset and blames you for everything. Typical! Climb the stones in the water and make your way up the wall until you reach the location where Vane was yelling. Unfortunately, Vane dives into the water just as you get close. Move to the edge and climb up the synch point, then follow Vane into the water.

There's a small waterfall ahead. Just beyond a crocodile roams the waters below. Stay clear of the croc as you can't take it down with your current lack of weapons. Use the tree stumps to stay above the water, then round the corner to find that Vane now has a gun and explosives. Lovely!

Head to the left, using the stone structures to take cover from Vane's attacks. When you get close, Vane bolts again. Use the tree branches to reach the top of the area and continue chasing Vane. Jump from tree branch to tree branch as you attempt to catch Vane, until you see a second Jaguar below. Assassinate and skin the Jag to get one step closer to completing the optional objective.

Climb up the makeshift wood ladder, then round the corner to see an explosive barrel. Approach slowly because Vane blows it up when you get near it. When you cross over to the other side of the area, another explosive barrel awaits. There are also several jaguars below, enabling you to complete the optional objective.

When you finally reach Vane again, he has yet another gun and is still throwing explosives. Quickly move around to the right and make your way behind Vane's position. Go through the house like stone structure to come out directly below Vane. Wait for him to charge the explosive, then climb the ladder and assassinate Vane to complete the mission. You can also move around the structure until you're above Vane, and take him out from the air for the second optional objective.

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