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Assassin’s Creed 4 guide – sequence 7 walkthrough

A complete walkthrough of Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag's seventh sequence.

Sequence 07

Memory 01: We Demand A Parlay

Optional Objectives

  • Kill guards while hanging from a ledge (3)
  • Sabotage the alarm bell

With the mission done you find yourself back in the "real world" at Abstergo. Make your way to the elevator and the up to the 15th floor to speak to the CCO. Follow the waypoint to the security room where it's time to be a hacker once again. This time the hack is a little more difficult. You get to be a math genius as well.

Enter the number sequence 7, 2, 5 to solve the puzzle. Leave the room and head around the corner to the left and to the large windows. Go out the window and wait until you're taken to the appropriate floor. Head into the office and find the CCO's computer at his desk.

The next hacking game is basically Frogger. Navigate from the left side of the screen to the right side of the screen, avoiding the red portions. Be careful of the thicker lines that look a bit fuzzy, as they turn red randomly. When you approach them, wait for the lines to turn red and back to white before you move on.

Wait at the door to the office until the receptionist leaves, then head for the elevator and down to the lobby to meet the courier again. Deliver the package then return to your office and back to being a pirate!

You find yourself back in Nassau. Head to the location marker on the map to start the next mission. You must tail Woodes Rogers. Take the high ground, climbing to the roof of the building to the right. Watch out for the armed guard on the rooftop across the way to ensure he doesn't spot you. There's also a guard on the roof of the next house to the right, take him out with ease as you continue to tail Rogers.

Jump to the trees branches to the right and over to the next rooftop. Drop down to the hay cart below, then climb to the roof of the building just ahead and take out the that awaits. Continue to follow Rogers via the rooftops until they reach the fortified structure ahead. Hide in the brush near the front of the structure.

Your next objective is to infiltrate the fort. Head to the left, just beyond the gallows and onto the tree branch that extends behind it. Continue to the right, over to the next tree and keep moving until you reach what looks to be the end of the fortress. There should be a tree on the left, fortress to the right, and ocean just ahead.

On the right are two narrow wooden planks running vertically up the side of the fortress. Use these to climb to the top. You need to move a bit to the right or left to maintain your climb as you move up. When you've gone as high as you can go, move to the left and around the corner of the fortress.

Continue climbing as soon as you see another vertical post. This places you right under the guard. Position yourself directly beneath him and assassinate the guard while still hanging on the ledge. You'll need to assassinate two more guards in a similar fashion to obtain the optional objective.

While still hanging, move to the right to the wooden pole that extends from the fortress. Climb up and jump over to the next wooden pole, then climb to the roof and hang on the ledge there. Two guards are patrolling the rooftop. It's time to earn the remaining kills needed for the optional objective, don't you think? Position yourself below the guards and take them out one at a time.

Your next objective is to steal Chamerlaine's plans. Move over to the synchronize point on the roof, then jump down to assassinate the guard near the hay cart. Move to the wall behind you and hang along the outside of the wall like you were doing before. Move to the right, and continue moving around the fort wall until you reach the gunman in the far corner, near the objective location. You need to climb up briefly at two points, but you can immediately drop back down to hang along the outer wall again. One guard never goes near the wall, but once you reach the gunman and take him out (while still hanging), you can climb up and assassinate the remaining guard.

At this point, you've cleared the immediate area of guards, but there's one more armed guard patrolling the rooftop just ahead, and several more on the ground level. More to the right and around the corner until you're standing by the cannon, with the armed guard in your sights. Wait until he is facing away from you and jump over to his post to assassinate him.

Hide in the brush next to the now dead guard. There's an alarm bell to the right, just behind the wall. You need to disable it to complete the second optional objective. However, there's a guard posted on the roof just beyond the bell. Watch him and make your move as soon as he turns around. There's brush right next to the bell, so move into the brush when the coast is clear and watch the roof for your next opportunity to move and disable the bell. If you have sleeping darts, you can use those to alleviate your wait.

With the alarm bell down, you have a clear path to the objective loot. Grab the loot to initiate another cut scene and complete the mission.

Memory 02: The Gunpowder Plot

Optional Objectives

  • Kill four guards in one kill streak
  • Use blowpipe darts on guards (10)

Head back to the tavern to begin the next mission. Your first objective is to steal four kegs of gunpowder, but if you wish to complete the optional objectives, make sure you have a full bevy of blow darts. Head to the closest gunpowder point on the map and jump onto the rooftop to the right. Climb down and hide in the brush just before the location gunpowder. Use darts to put the guards to sleep, otherwise, rush in for close-range combat.

There are two guards at the entrance, one patrolling near the entrance, and another just inside that you'll need to take care of as well. Defeat the guards then move inside to find two more guards waiting. Once again, you can use darts or brute force. The choice is yours.

When the guards are down, steal the first keg. Head back out the way you came in and head for the next closest keg (indicated by the distance present when you look in the direction of the keg). Climb to the top of the closest house and use the rooftops to avoid detection as you make your way out of the restricted area.

When you get to the next keg hide in the brush just outside the restricted zone, but with the keg in sight. There are two brutes in the immediate area. If you have berserk darts, hit both brutes with them to lessen the number of guards. At this point there are only three guards with eyes on the prize. Wait until only one is near the keg and hit him with a sleeping dart (or run up for a quick assassination), then quickly loot the keg and run back into the brush on the other side of the wall.

Head to the next closest keg, and hide in the brush to the right of the four guards at the entrance to the restricted area. If you have at least two berserk darts, this is very easy. Shoot one into the brute to the right of the loot, and the other into one of the gunman at the shooting range to the left of the entrance guards. With these two soldiers going berserk, all eyes are removed from the loot. Run over and steal the keg, then get out of the restricted area.

Run over to the last remaining keg and use the tree branch to cross over into the restricted area. Quickly hide in the brush. There are two guards having a conversation to the left and one more patrolling on the right. Wait until the patrolling guard is relatively close to the other two and hit him with a berserk dart. If you don't have any darts, wait until the patrolling guard is away, then take out the two having a conversation. Either way, all three need to be taken care of.

Run up the horizontal tree near the two talking guards and run along the tree branches until you're just above the keg. There are two guards off to the right and two more a little farther apart just below you. If you have any darts remaining (you should have at least one if you started the mission with a full spread), use a sleeping dart on one of the guards below and assassinate the other, then quickly loot the key before the other guards spot you. Once you have the last keg, the mission is complete.

Memory 03: Commodore Eighty-Sixed

Optional Objectives

  • Kill guards from stalking zones (3)
  • Air assassinate Chamerlaine

Head back across town to begin the next mission. After a lovely cut scene in which you discover the Commodore is not a very nice man, you need to tail the two guards. Follow the guards until they turn down the heavily guarded street. At this point, climb up to the roof of the house to the left of the guards and take the high ground as you follow them. Lock onto them with Eagle Vision so you don't need a direct line of sight to keep track of them.

There's one guard along the rooftop path, but you can hang from the side of the houses to avoid detection until you're close enough to assassinate him. With Eagle Vision active, you won't have to worry about losing the guards while you hunt the lone soldier on the roof.

Continue along the roofs until the guards turn to the right. Jump over to the tree and use the branches to continue tailing them. When you run out of trees and branches, jump down into the hay stack below, then run forward into the brush, and move from brush to brush to continue hiding.

When the guards head down the stairs, follow them down. If you see a guard walking in your direction, hide in the brush at various points alongside the staircase and following walkway. When the guards reach the soldier camp, hide in the hay and brush as you follow them, taking out guards from your hidden vantage points to complete the optional objective.

Once the guards reach their destination, you must kill the Commodore Chamberlaine. Take out the two remaining guards between you and the ship, then use the ship wreck to reach Chamberlaine's ship.

Wait for the guards on the ship to look the other way, then climb up the ropes to the sail and use the ropes linking the sails to make your way to the other side of the ship. Wait for Chamberlaine to cross under you, then assassinate him from the air to complete the mission and the optional objective!

Memory 04: The Fireship

Optional Objectives

  • Use the mortar to sink ships (3)
  • Use barrels to sink a ship

Make your way off the ship and back to the beach to begin the next mission. You can fight or run, the choice is yours. The first objective of the new mission is to escort the fireship. Stay close to the ship and fend off any ships that attack her. The attacking ships are weak, so it only takes one volley of shots to the lower hull to take out most of them. Use mortars from a distance to fulfill one of the optional objectives, and use barrels for any ships giving chase to fulfill the other. Don't let the fireship get too far ahead of you, even if you miss a few of the attacking ships. As long as you're near the fireship, you can protect her.

When the fireship gets close enough to the target, sail to the safe zone indicated on the map and wait for the explosion, then make a beeline for the new location marker. You need to get through several enemy ships. Don't worry about sinking the ships, just avoid their mortar shots and make it to the destination as fast as possible to complete the mission.

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