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Apex Legends Defiance launches today!

After weeks of build up, Apex Legends season 12 is bringing Mad Maggie, a reworked Olympus, and more today.

After weeks of trailers, gameplay videos, and deep dives into new features, Apex Legends Defiance is finally out today! This season, the twelfth since the game’s release, brings with it a revamped Olympus map, Mad Maggie, the Control game mode and an array of new balance changes.

The update should be going live at roughly 10am PST / 1pm EST / 6pm GMT. So you haven't got long left to wait before the the popular battle royale undergoes some substantial changes!

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Let's start with Mad Maggie, the newest legend you’ll be able to mess around with today. This character, with a variety of abilities that make rushing into combat for close-range duels easier than ever, has been dropped down into the Apex games as part of the narrative at the heart of this season. One of the most overtly offensive legends we’ve seen in a while, Maggie is a fantastic pick for those who like to rush from one gunfight to another.

Then there’s Olympus - a previously serine floating map which has undergone some drastic changes with Apex Legends Defiance. With multiple new points of interest, and the entire map expanding outwards to make the gameflow a bit more exciting, one of the least popular maps in the game is getting a new coat of paint and some much needed tweaks. You can expect Olympus in the seasonal rotation alongside Kings Canyon and Storm Point.

Finally, we’ve got Control, a limited-time mode that puts two teams of nine against each other in a King of the Hill style alternative to the typical Battle Royale experience. If you’re looking for a less competitive way to play the new update, this is your go-to experience with infinite ammo and simplified looting.

All in all Apex Legends Defiance, paired with the three year anniversary event that runs alongside it, looks to be an excellent season for new players and oldies alike. As the sort of player who likes running in and fighting face-to-face, Mad Maggie is a personal highlight and is a character I’m excited to try out. Although since I don’t have the free time I used to, Control being this not-so-serious way to play the game is incredibly appealing.

Let us know whether you’ll be jumping into the Apex Legends Defiance today! If you are, what part of the update stands out to you?

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