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Apex Legends three-year anniversary rewards players free packs and Legends through February

Starting February 8, logging in will earn your free packs and Legends to celebrate the third anniversary of the battle royale.

As if there wasn’t enough Apex Legends news as of late, the popular battle royale from Respawn Entertainment is also nearing its three-year anniversary. To celebrate, all players will be able to redeem some free packs throughout the month of February, as well as some new Legends if they haven’t gotten around to unlocking them yet.

Split into three different periods, a total of ten packs (nine thematic and one legendary) will be up for grabs alongside Octane, Wattson, and Valkyrie themselves.

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The reward periods are split up as follows:

  • February 8 - February 15: Octane and three thematic packs
  • February 15 - February 22: Wattson and three thematic packs
  • February 22 - March 1: Valkyrie, three thematic packs, and one legendary pack.

The new season will also be bringing a considerable update to the map Olympus, as well as a new Control game mode where teams of nine must battle over set points on the map. WIth unlimited respawns, it’s sure to be a breath of fresh air from the typical battle royale experience Apex Legends has to offer.

All in all, this promotion over the third anniversary has helped mark season 12 as a great time to jump into the game if you haven’t touched it in some time. One of the biggest barriers on a fresh account is all those DLC characters being locked away, so taking steps to alleviate that barrier is great to see.

This comes only a day after Apex Legends season 12 was revealed to the world through a new Stories from the Outlands cinematic trailer. This gorgeous peek into the universe showed us a new character - Mad Maggie - who will be joining the vast cast of characters present in the Apex games come February 8.

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