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Hundreds of high ranked Apex Legends players have been banned for 6-manning exploit

Those who cheekily used exploits to climb to higher ranks have been appropriately punished.

Apex Legends players who have recently been making use of ranked arena exploits and “6-manning” may log into the free-to-play battle royale and find themselves suspended or permanently banned from the game.

This comes following a ban wave from the Respawn Entertainment specifically targeting users of these exploits, rather than general hackers or cheaters. According to Conor Ford of the Security team, 1307 users in total have been banned, including almost 1,000 ranked Apex Predators.

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A fun fact with this is the split between users banned on particular platforms. The platform with the most exploiters by over 100 bans is PlayStation, followed by PC, Xbox, then the Nintendo Switch with only 20 bans. This could be an indicator of how wonderful the Switch playerbase is, or more likely it's a consequence of the far lower player count on that platform - with that version of the game suffering from serious technical flaws.

The 6-manning exploit revolves around players jumping into squads and even full games with players they know and are in communication with, and intentionally winning or losing games to shift their in-game rank and rating in a certain way. Basically, it’s boosting, and provides shady players with a rank they don’t deserve.

Right now, with punishments dished out and leaderboards purged of offending players, a stark warning has been sent to all players tempted to inflate their rank. However, boosting and exploiters are sure to come back again eventually. Here’s hoping the security team stays vigilant with Apex Legends in the near and far future.

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